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You have a creative vision. We have the strategy and innovation to connect your work with new audiences.

We are an extension of your team - providing the marketing momentum to empower sustainable success. With over 25 years amplifying creative voices, we understand the passion behind your purpose.

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We are your partners in launching and building a powerful brand. We have an unwavering commitment to serving the Black and Brown community of artists, authors, and creative entrepreneurs. We are Black- and female-owned, and our mission is to empower high-achieving individuals from historically marginalized groups ...
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Founder and CEO

Trailblazing Leader Driven to Empower Nonconformists

Tresa Chambers brings 30 years of multifaceted experience guiding people and brands through transformational growth. With an inventor’s innovative vision and a writer’s creative flair, Tresa fuels success for those who thrive on the road less traveled.

As a first-generation college graduate, Tresa understands the barriers facing those who dare to challenge conventional norms. Now she leverages her passion and talents to clear the way for fellow nonconformist achievers.

Armed with strategic marketing expertise, inventive problem-solving skills and an empowering leadership style, Tresa enables trailblazers to amplify their unique gifts. Her goal is to motivate change-makers who advance progress through the power of their own authentic purpose and vision.

With decades of real-world experience driving growth across industries, Tresa makes the impossible possible. She knows there’s always another way – you just have to rethink the rules. Tresa guides clients to uncover their own unexpected pathway to accomplish ambitious goals and make an indelible impact.

Diane Helbig

[Tresa] helped me push past my comfort zone and launch a project that was more successful than I was expecting. She held me accountable while reminding me of the value of my work—a true treasure!



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